AR Representative Services

provides legal representation services for biopharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials in the European Union.

According to European Union Directive 2001/20/EC, trial sponsors must have a European Union domiciled company as their legal representative in order to conduct clinical trials on medicinal products for human use in the region. For companies without a local entity in the European Union, AR rep services can provide the necessary legal representation service to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials. AR Representative Services EOOD is Bulgarian company that can provide legal representative services for trials conducted throughout the European Union region.

The company was founded by the owners of August Research, a regional CRO designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized biopharmaceutical companies. The two companies work hand-in-hand to provide seamless start-up of clinical trials for non-EU sponsors. As a legal representative, AR Representative Services will provide all contact liaison services between the sponsor and the European Medicine Agency and any necessary regulatory agencies.

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